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Gifts: An Astrological Exegesis

Posted by Vedic Astrology on February 24, 2013

R.K. Shridhar

Rotes Geschenk
Exchange of gifts has been a normal phenomenon among the human beings from time immemorial. In ancient times, our rishis and munis were fully aware of the significance of the day-to-day activities of men and women and the way it could affect the entire balance of one’s life. Thus, even the giving of gifts can be determined by taking into consideration the planetary influences.
In the present day context, a planetary consideration on gifts can take on a priority over making a choice. At present exchange of gifts in the society, specifically in India, is becoming an essential part of our relationship with others. There are occasions like marriage, birth days, festivals, housewarming etc., What makes the process very complicated is making a choice of a proper gift.
There is an infinite variety of things available in the market. One can choose a gift of any color or of any price. In each category of gifts there are innumerable aspects. The general gifts include: furniture, cosmetics, clothes, sweets, jewellery, stationery items, electronic items and even property. Sometimes even flowers suffice. Giving of a gift depends on our relationship with the person who we are giving a gift to.
Giving of cosmetics like perfumes and fragrances is becoming quite popular today. Maybe, it is because of their easy accessibility and wide price range. The dominant planet related to a gift of cosmetics is Venus. In fact, this planet is related to luxury and erotic impulses. Such items are very proper between lovers. However, at times a gift of such items may even activate the negative forces. Rahu and Venus play a role in some cosmetic items. For example some soaps and perfumes may have the essence of sandal and that attracts snakes. Not only this but also some cosmetic items may be a source of skin problems and might activate the dormant allergies. A little awareness about that would go a long way.
Garments of different variety are given frequently as gifts. The stitched articles like shirts, trousers and many more things represent Rahu and Ketu. So, while making a gift of garments, one should take into consideration the color and the possible effects of the one upon the person receiving a gift. But a gift of a cloth piece is safe as it is influenced by the Sun and Jupiter. Some soft silk items are governed by Venus and Moon. Khadi is rough but it symbolizes energy and enthusiasm as it is governed by the Sun.
However, garments and clothes can be given as gifts without their any possible effects upon the native – like son, daughter, wife and son-in-law.
A gift of dry fruits is becoming very popular in India today. Also fruits are given as gifts. These gifts represent mainly the Sun and, therefore, conducive to health of the native. Above all, these gifts are consumed within a limited period and get absorbed into the body.
Sweets and confectionery items are governed by Jupiter. There in no harm in giving such items to our friends and loved ones. However, these items are dominated by Jupiter, so, these may promote corpulence in the subject.
Electronic and electrical goods represent kitchen, bathroom and the whole house hold. Not only these but also some electronic items form a part of everyday existence. Mars and the Sun play a major role in some kitchen items related to fire and heat generation. A neat and clean kitchen with glowing gadgets is full of Apollonian and Martian characteristics and is a symbol of energy and vitality.
A gift of car represents the influence of Venus and is a symbol of good economic condition. Such a gift adds to the beauty of life. The gift of various forms of drinks and liquors are influenced by Venus and by the Sun and if, thoughtfully given, add to the life style immensely. It is associated with royalty.
Kitchen utensils mainly use metal and the influence of Saturn is most predominant when they are made of iron and like metals. However the utensils made of bone china and some other modern, synthetic articles have the influence of the Moon and Venus. Silver and gold utensils suggest opulence.
Furniture made of wood suggest the influence of Jupiter but the furniture made of iron suggest the influence of Saturn. The choice furniture as a gift to someone must be done with consideration.
Gems and silver and gold jewellery suggest immense prosperity and gifts of these may enhance the quality of the life of the receiver a lot. However, in making a gift of gems, the native’s planetary positions should not be overlooked. This is more important when you are planning to make a gift of diamond or sapphire to someone.
A gift of books and stationery items is always auspicious. Since these articles are governed by Jupiter and represent the brain power, these can be given any time without reservation.
Leather products look very beautiful but they represent Ketu and are prohibited at certain occasions and places. It is not good to take a leather article at a place of worship according to ancient Indian tradition.
However, nowadays people go to temples with their leather belts and wallets. As a planet, Ketu can bring about violent changes in life and its modalities cannot be foreseen and predicted by anyone.
There is no doubt that a thoughtful choice of gifts in everyday life or some special occasions can be safely based on a study of planets and their influences. To some the process might seem complicated and time consuming, it is not so if a little attention is paid to this aspect. All planets have same basic tendencies. By knowing about them we can make our choice with confidence. Gifts representing the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus are largely safe and standard. Their influence in the form of gifts is unquestionably benefic.
Since a gift is a symbol of good-will, reverence and love, it must be chosen with consideration. For this one need not be an expert astrologer. It calls for a little awareness only. In case, if some has to give a very costly and special gift to his or her loved one, in that case, one can even consult a competent astrologer about that. *****

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