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Epistemology of Astrological Remedies- R.K. Shridhar

Posted by Vedic Astrology on October 22, 2012

Remedial measures play a significant role in astrology. All over the world measures to rectify the influence of malefic planets in the horoscope of a native are popular with the astrologers. From time immemorial remedial measures have been in currency in India among astrologers and practitioner. In ancient Indian literature there are countless references to such measures being in vogue.

There were yagyas of several kinds and a number of other rituals for appeasing different gods for there blessings. There were the measures for getting an issue, astrological advice for having blessings for prosperity and for a victory in a war. Also the remedies were sought for getting over some incurable disease and so on and so forth. Great kings and rich people visited the ashrams of sages and spiritual luminaries for having there ambitions and desires fulfilled through occult practices.
The persons who identified the flaws in a native’s chart were the men of great intellectual perspicacity. By their vast astrological data they could drive a subject through all hurdles and tensions. Thus, curative and remedial measures were very efficacious and, sometimes, brought about instant results. The gurus and pundits were true guides. In every kingdom, big or small, the post of Raj Guru was the most important one. A person holding it had a great say in almost all the activities of the State, mundane or transcendental. Even the king did not overlook the advice of his Raj Guru and revered him unreservedly.
Not only this but also the practitioner of the other disciplines did use the knowledge of astrology to make everything foolproof. The medical practitioner – vaidya – would use his knowledge of astrology while prescribing some medicine to an ailing person. The patient’s time of visit was minutely observed before any physical examination. Graha Vichar – a study of planetary positions – played a great role in deciding the nature and the probable course of the disease. Even the medical posology was more than often governed by recondite considerations. Gems were recommended to be put on by the subject and also were used in Ayurvedic medicines: praval bhasm, mukta pishti and many other herbal and miscellaneous ingredients. Thus, the deficiency of calcium can be effectively set right with the help of mukta pishti and by putting on pearl in a silver ring on Monday.
Remedies are countless through astrological observations. The purpose of this article is to make others aware of the infinite possibilities of the remedial measures in all astrological studies. Why offering solutions to a native on the basis of his chart, an astrologer should be competently aware of the suggested remedies and there effectiveness, while keeping the dimensions of the problem on mind all the time. It will enable him to have a clear-cut view of all aspects of the required elements. The finality of the interpretation now depends on the accuracy of the analytical process and thereby the thoroughness of the inference.

Before arriving at any conclusion, an astrologer should pay a close attention to all malefic and benefic planets into consideration first. After that he must also think over what remedial measures will be most effective for the native astrologically. Once his doubts are cleared up, he will then be standing on a firm ground.
Viewed from this angle, astrological remedial measures take on tremendous significance. There can be two distinctive approaches. The one is to give more power to a planet that is in state of weakness. Another approach is to strengthen a planet that is already strong. Once, an astrologer has decided his approach, he can get along with his suggestions about the rectification of the planetary flaw through a combative and efficacious remedial measure: a measure that can nullify all effects of any inimical planet in the horoscope of the native.
More than often it has been noted by astute astrologers that the remedial measures suggested do not bring about the desired change because there is a failure in measuring their true effectiveness. It has been observed by a number of astrologers that some planets do not give their best results or expressions against some other planets that have a greater power in shaping the human lot.
It is suggested that study of remedial measures calls for further research from the avid students and scholars of astrology.

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